CLIENT: Private
LOCATION: Refurbished family home, Århus, DK
DATE: 2022
MATERIAL: Glass-blasted Stainless Steel
DIMENSIONS: 3990mm x 1430mm x 920mm
TECHNIQUE: CNC Lasercutting, Metal Bending
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Filip Eckerdal
WORKSHOP TEAM: Ida Clausen, Mikkel Wickmann, Fay Sneen

Located in the central living room of a newly refurbished Friis og Moltke family home, this Archival Studies Kitchen Island references the simple and material-focused charm of this prime example of Danish modernist architecture. Playing to the minimal design of the house, the four-meter-long freestanding kitchen island was designed to contain all the storage and functions of a typical residential kitchen setup. In this way, it becomes the centerpiece of the room, referencing and uplifting both the surrounding space and the users’ experience within it.

The kitchen island utilizes the modular Archival Studies kitchen system of laser-cut, bent, and bolted stainless steel modules. A glass-blasted surface was carefully chosen to unify this spatial element with the surrounding original 70s brick architecture.

With all functions and storage integrated within the body of this kitchen island, it centers all cooking activity around itself to become a sculptural interior element for an intuitive and social way of preparing food.

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