‘Departure and homecoming: Tradition may constitute a point of departure for creation, but never a home to come back to’
— Kazuo Shinohara


As our name implies, we begin each process by understanding the already existing. We do this in order to ‘design as little as possible’, letting patterns of life frame and direct our work. We begin each project by first understanding the qualities of the client, space, or situation that we are working with. We work with these with the ambition to help places feel truly alive. This aliveness often grows out of patterns of history and culture and these are our roots for transformation and care of the existing. We believe this aliveness is activated by bringing forth a universality in our work. Universality often suggests a level of fundamental truth or validity that transcends specific circumstances.

Due to growing wealth and technological advancements, the structures that shape our lives have evolved from simple frameworks into intricate webs designed to demand constant attention. As a response we aspire for a universality in architecture that offers simple organized frameworks to make space for and hold this aliveness:

A place where life can unfold organically.


We like to think that architects build. If that may be designing, drawing, planning and administration, it all eventually comes down to the act of building. We as architects should first and foremost think within this paradigm of building instead of merely planning. Production is a core pillar in our practice and is always introduced in the conceptual/schematic phase. For us, a successful production is the unity of raw material, technique, and tectonic quality. In the office we talk about the ‘opportunities in production’ which means that we do not simply apply building products to a concept but try to understand each element looking for the opportunities in the production.

The opportunities in production provide us with the tools to distill projects to their tectonic essentials and to work directly with these elements: The materials, the construction, and the visual form of the built, converge to constitute a unified whole.

As a result, the built then becomes exactly what we see and touch, exactly what we feel beneath our feet.


Jo Qiang (CH)

Partner, Operational Director, Architect

(+45) 9155 4010


M.Arch., Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2016

Yuan-Chieh Yang (TW)

Partner, Design Director, Architect

(+45) 6168 4010

Founding partner
M.Arch., Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2015

Emil Roman Frøge (DK)

Partner, Creative Director, Architect

(+45) 5230 4010

Founding partner
M.Arch., Cranbrook Academy of Art, 2015

Paulina Heinz (DE)

Assistant Creative Director, Designer

(+45) 6110 7104

Part time

B.Des., Universität der Künste Berlin, 2021
M.Arch., KADK Spatial, 2024
AS since 2021


Ananda Ferreira Gomes (DE)

Communication Manager, Student Worker

MSc, IT University Copenhagen, since 2023
B.Des., Hochschule Pforzheim, 2019

Petra Hertl (SLO)

Project Manager, Architect

(+45) 2210 1182

M.Arch., University of Ljubljana, 2021

Niels Ulrik Østrup (DK)

Project Manager, Architect

Niels Ulrik Project Manager Architect

(+45) 6019 8614

M.Arch., Royal Danish Academy, KTR, 2021

Mikkel Wickmann (DK)

Constructor, Designer

B.Des., Royal Danish Academy, 2022
Carpenter, Svendborg Technical School, 2015

Lina Drewalowski (DE)

Architectural Intern

(+49) 151 40181 561

B.Arch., Berlin International University of Applied Sciences, 2022

Benedikte Munk Randløv (DK)

Product Intern

B.Des., Royal Danish Academy, 2022

Niklas Jakobsen (DK)

Production Manager, Carpenter, Architect

Carpenter, Next Copenhagen, 2024
Cand. Arch., Kunst og Arkitektur, 2017

Tobias Staalmann (DK)

Joiner Apprentice

Apprentice, Copenhagen Technical School, X
B.Communication, Roskilde University, 2018

Open positions

Furniture Design Intern

September 2024 - January 2025

We are looking for our yearly Fall Furniture Design Intern, preferably as part of a University program or Erasmus+. We seek a highly motivated individual with experience in both the design and hands-on prototyping of furniture. In this role, you will work at the intersection of our studio and prototyping workshop, developing products from concept to production. Find further details here.

If you aspire to further develop your professional skills within a diverse and international design studio, we encourage you to apply. Please send your portfolio and CV (preferably in English) to job@archivalstudies.net.

Workshop Apprentice

Starting August/September 2024

We are looking for a new joinery or cabinetmaker apprentice to join the workshop team. We seek a highly motivated individual who apsires to become a next-generation craftsperson, bridging historical craft with digital fabrication. Find further details here.

If you aspire to develop proficient skills within an international and interdisciplinary design studio, we encourage you to apply. Please send your portfolio and CV (preferably in English) to job@archivalstudies.net. Due to the high volume of applications, we regret that we cannot respond to unsolicited messages.


Project Inquiries


Please contact us at: mail@archivalstudies.net

Product Inquiries


Please contact us at: product@archivalstudies.net

Job Inquiries


Please contact us at: job@archivalstudies.net

Financial Inquiries


Please contact us directly at: invoice@archivalstudies.net


Dinesen Lab, Realdania, Christine Bjerke, Pihlmann Architects, Victor Boye Julebæk,  Dreyers Fond, Artikel København, Gehl People, Studio Atlant, Chrissie Muhr, Marianne Krogh, Almenr, Rasmus Baes, Sarah Mullertz, Forthcoming Studio, Reværk Arkitektur, Cobe, Peter Frøge, Studio Kim Lenschow, Mentze Ottenstein, MSSR Works, Arda Audio, The Danish Association of Architects


Realdania, SMK, Bikubenfonden, Rockfon, FRAMA, Glyptoteket, Norse Projects, Ricardo Bofill, Refshaleøens Ejendomsselskab, Copenhagen Contemporary, NREP, Trifolium, Kinraden, Åben Brewery, Gammel Strand

Exhibitions and Publications

Publication, book, Reset Materials, exhibition design, 2023
Exhibition, Parts of a Whole, with Artikel København, 3 Days of Design, 2023
Exhibition, Mindcraft Project, Online exhibition, 2021
Publication, magazine, Kōnā Restaurant, Monocle, 2021
Publication, magazine, Archival Studies, Euroman, 2020
Exhibition, Studio X , 3 Days of Design, 2020
Publication, book, 11 rum: Nyindretning at Marienborg, 2019
Exhibition, Give Tradition a New Meaning, Living Is Giving, Beijing Design Week 2018

grants and residencies

Business grant, The Young Artistic Elite Grant, Statens Kunstfond Danish Arts Foundation, 2019
Travel grant Japan, Danish Arts Foundation, 2019
Travel grant Japan, Dreyers Fond, 2018
Residency, Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen, 2018
Project grant, Danmarks Nationalbanks Jubilæumsfond, Denmark, 2017


Latvian Design Award, ‘Transforming the Already Excisting’, Riga, 2023
The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Architecture, ‘Understanding the Already Excisting’, Copenhagen, 2022
The Royal Danish Academy of Art, School of Architecture, ‘Lecture 01’ Copenhagen, 2018


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