CLIENT: Private
LOCATION: Private residence, Tisvilde, DK
DATE: 2022
MATERIAL: Brushed Stainless Steel, White pigmentet Maple, Leather
TECHNIQUE: CNC Lasercutting, Metal Bending
DIMENSIONS: 5.5 x 2.5 x 930 x 660
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Filip Eckerdal
WORKSHOP TEAM: Johanne Holmboe, Mikkel Wickmann, Ida Clausen

Kitchen 09 in brushed Stainless Steel with elements in white pigmented Maple wood and leather. A robust kitchen nested in-between the white painted bricks in a private home. Part of a full renovation of private villa in Tisvilde, Denmark.

Located in the bright and open kitchen space of an ongoing renovation project in Tisvilde, Denmark, this latest archival studies kitchen was designed with attention to the existing elements of the space, such as the white painted brick walls, the light wooden flooring and the prominent row of windows just above the kitchen counter.

The brief for Kitchen 09 was to create a floating countertop for the stove at one end of the kitchen with a thin open shelf for pots and pans just underneath. A strip of white oiled maple wood contours the stainless steel countertop, softening the edge and fitting in perfectly with the sunny and light kitchen space.

Kitchen 09 gave rise to a number of custom elements, such as drawer dividers, leather drawer inlays and a refined trash sorting system that we will be developing further into standard solutions as part of our metal kitchen system.

We look forward to seeing this private project develop further and to see this kitchen filled with life.

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