PROJECT TYPE: Public Space, Building Systems, Interior
CLIENT: Realdania
DATE: 2024–2026
RENDERINGS: Cobe, Philmann Architects, Cobe, Reværk, Rumgehør, Studio XYZ, Archival Atudies
DRAWINGS: Archival Studies
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Lina Drewalowski
COLLABORATORS: Philmann Architects, Cobe, Reværk, Rumgehør, Studio XYZ
FUNDED BY: Realdania

We proudly present Vores Sted, a communal project by Realdania initiate on the occasion of their 25th anniversary. Together with Philmann AArchitects, Cobe, Reværk, Rumgehør, Studio XYZ, we created four unique meeting places designed to foster community and sustainability: The Workshop, The Conservatory, The Nature Base, and The Community Roof.

The goal is to create communal spaces with minimal environmental impact, using recycled, surplus, and biogenic materials. These structures will be built for easy disassembly, ensuring no lasting impact on their sites. By 2026, at least 150 of these meeting places will be established across Denmark, bringing people together in innovative and inspiring ways.

We are honored to contribute to this initiative, promoting local gatherings and strengthening communities.

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