PROJECT TYPE: Exhibition
CLIENT: Rockfon
LOCATION 1: Paris (FR),Images 1-30
LOCATION 2: Amsterdam (NL), Images 31-38
DATE: 2023
MATERIAL: Plywood, aluminium, textile
DIMENSIONS: 4000 x 4000 x 2500mm
TECHNIQUE: CNC Milling, Metal Bending
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Elliott Andrew, Petra Hertl
WORKSHOP TEAM: Tobias Staalmann, Leo Schrewe, Johanne Holmboe

To showcase their new range of design solutions, Rockfons modular exhibition system was designed to frame and uplift the products on display. The goal was to provide attendees with a memorable sensory experience, allowing them to immerse themselves in Rockfons range of design acoustics within a unique environment. Following our two companies’ akin approaches to environmental consciousness, the structure of CNC-milled and laminated plywood was designed to be taken apart and travel between exhibitions. This approach aims to minimize waste between events while the material also gains character and charm over time. The exhibition structure was first implemented at the Workspace Expo in Paris in April 2023.

The structure has since (Paris) been transformed and implemented at the Workspace Design Show 2023 in Amsterdam.


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