PROJECT TYPE: Exhibition, Wayfinding
LOCATION: Jernbanebyen, Copenhagen
DATE: June 2023
MATERIAL: Plywood, Fabric, Metal, Repurposed acoustic panels
M2: 7000
TECHNIQUE: CNC Milling, Metal Bending, Painting
FINAL PHOTOGRAPHS: Archival Studies, Hampus Berndtson
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Joe McKenzie, Leo Schrewe
PRODUCTION TEAM: Ditte Vestergaard, Mikkel Wickmann, Tobias Staalmann
COLLABORATORS: Gehl Architects, Studio Atlant, COBE, C40 Cities, Novo Nordisk A/S, Ingka Group (IKEA Retail)

Spor10 is Jernbanebyen’s community hub. It is an inclusive meeting place for people of all ages and backgrounds through activities, creativity, learning, and food, all supporting physical, social, and mental health. Spor10 was previously a rail customs house built in 1964. It is currently undergoing a process of transformation for these new purposes. This commitment to the preservation and transformation of the area’s exceptional, historic rail buildings will be carried out across Jernbanebyen in the years to come.

Archival Studies teamed up with Gehl Architects, Studio Atlant, Nrep, and other partners involved in the Spor10 project to design and carry out a range of onsite interventions for the creation of Spor10’s inclusive community space. These include new green indoor and outdoor elements, acoustic and wayfinding solutions, as well as storage and exhibition systems utilizing reused acoustic panels that were found onsite. Together, these elements create the flexible and multi-functional space that Spor10 is today.

The Spor10 project is led by Nrep with a wide range of founding partners: The other landowners and investors in Jernbanebyen (Freja Ejendomme, DSB Ejendomsudvikling, Novo Holdings, and Industriens Pension), global impact partners (C40 Cities, Novo Nordisk A/S, Ingka Group (IKEA Retail), Gehl, and Arup), Spor10’s design team (Cobe, Gehl, Archival Studies, Studio Atlant, and COWI), the Copenhagen municipality, and a growing network of community partners.

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