PROJECT TYPE: Exhibition Design
CLIENT: Dreyersfond, Danish Association of Architects
LOCATION: Refshaleøen, Copenhagen
DATE: June 2023
M2: 624
TECHNIQUE: Borrowed materials, held in tension
PHOTOGRAPHS: Hampus Berndtson (final), Archival Studies (process)
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Elliot Andrew, Mikkel Wickmann, Leo Schrewe
PRODUCTION TEAM: Mikkel Wickmann, Orlando Pippig, Tobias Staalmann, Leo Schrewe
COLLABORATORS: Chrissie Muhr, Copenhagen Contemporary, Danish Association of Architects, Dreyersfond, Studio Atlant
SPONSORS: Dinesen, Création Baumann

Archival Studies was commissioned to plan and carry out the exhibition design of Reset Materials, connecting the material solutions on display in one cohesive layout and language. Pointing to the pieces’ applications in the architectural field, the layout of the space is designed as a cityscape. Highways, streets, and paths lead through the exhibition’s high-rises, monuments, arcs, and squares, allowing for close engagement with the matters on display. Wide bands of textiles stretch across the room, dipping low over the intimate exhibition space.
Another important aspect of the design concept was to keep waste to a minimum. This was done by keeping all materials to their standard sizes without cutting or modifying them. In this way all exhibition materials will be repurposed after the duration of the show.

Reset Materials examines the future of architecture with new and experimental works made from locally sourced materials – from recycled plastics or silicon to growing organisms and biogenic materials such as mycelium, nettle, clay and hemp – collected, cultivated, recycled, de-constructed and re-composed. The exhibition is on display 30 June – 28 Sep 2023 at Copenhagen Contemporary. It is curated in collaboration with curator and architect Chrissie Muhr and created in a collaboration between CC and the Danish Association of Architects. The exhibition was funded by Dreyersfond.

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