PROJECT TYPE: Restaurant
CLIENT: Gasoline Grill, Tivoli
LOCATION: Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen
DATE: 2021
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Filip Eckerdal, Martin Friis, Clara Friis
PRODUCTION TEAM: Ida Clausen, Ditte Hessellund


For the interior design of Gasoline Grill in Tivoli, our goal extended beyond creating a contemporary, efficient, and comfortable diner. We aimed to curate a distinctive spatial encounter that truly embodies the essence of Gasoline Grill while harnessing the unique qualities of the space we had at our disposal.

Located in the historical Danish amusement park, Tivoli Gardens, the space we worked with had several layers of recent history; from cafe to a Viking attraction. For this project we wanted to calm the surrounding space and focus the attention and experience around the grill of the restaurant. Utilizing a deep greenish-black for the walls and ceiling paired with a central 10m long white curtain we achieved a church-like moment for this new attraction in Tivoli.

Our process commenced with an in-depth analysis of Gasoline Grill, delving into the brand’s fundamental values. When exploring burger culture, our minds gravitated towards the drive-in diners of the Western USA, intricately linked with the automotive industry. The streamlined, industrial aesthetics of these diners, characterized by metals, curves, and vibrant lighting, echoed the pragmatic charm of certain Gasoline Grill locations.

Drawing another parallel, we were inspired by the California light and space art movement, a movement concurrent with the rise of the American industry. Much like these artists, our focus shifted from creating mere objects to crafting immersive experiences, by using the light, spatial elements, and color to influence human perception.

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