PROJECT TYPE: Fashion Showroom
CLIENT: Soulland
LOCATION: Copenhagen, DK
DATE: 2022
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Paulina Heinz, Jie Meng, Filip Eckerdahl
WORKSHOP TEAM: Ida Clausen, Mikkel Wickmann

Drawing inspiration from the contemporary ‘white box’ gallery space, the interior elements of the Soulland showroom are restrained, muted and minimal. The color palette of white and pale grey, coupled with the aluminum and stainless steel surfaces creates a non-obtrusive backdrop for the garments to shine as the centerpieces of the space truly.

Consisting of an Archival Studies kitchenette, a separable meeting space, a stainless steel bathroom module, the lighting concept following the grid of the old workshop space and two aluminium tables, this space acts as the blank canvas for the objects on show.

The full stainless steel Archival Studies kitchenette is one of the main elements of the space. Equipped with a sink, dishwasher, fridge, oven and a flexible stove it caters to all needs and settings from the everyday use as an office kitchenette to hosting smaller dinners and events.

Soft textile elements in the showroom aim to accommodate versatile uses and arrangements of the space. The light and translucent curtain covering the entrance softens the outdoor light while gently shielding the inside from outside views. A heavier acoustic curtain at the back of the space creates a more intimate meeting room, separated from the main showroom.

Constructed from laser-cut and rolled aluminum sheets and profiles two tables become the sculptural centerpieces at each end of the Soulland showroom. The small round table connects the kitchen area with the rest of the exhibition space, acting as an informal meeting and welcoming space. At the back of the space the solid but light meeting table acts as a balancing element to the stainless steel kitchen across the room. Subtle curves in its tabletop mirror the shape of the rolled carriers, achieving a playful weightlessness in this heavy structure.

Thin aluminum profiles with integrated LED strips stretch across the space conversing with the existing beams and windows to both aid the exhibit of the clothing and to enhance the spatial rhythmic qualities of the showroom.

Archival Studies_Metal_System_Inventory_Catalogue 2023

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