PROJECT TYPE: Restaurant Interior
CLIENT: Kona, Philipp Inreiter
LOCATION: Carlsberg Byen
DATE: Medio 2020
TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Kasper Bjerno, Motong Yang, Jon Stubsgaard, Kamma Rosa Schytte
WORKSHOP TEAM: August Queitsch Frimann, Ida Clausen, Ditte Vestergaard, Oskar Raoul Winter

Kōnā is a Japanese-inspired eatery in Carlsberg Byen, whose space we designed and produced in 2020.

The interior of Kōnā consists of two different spaces. Guests first enter the relaxed and intimate Izakaya with its low, soft textile ceiling. Later, as they find their way down the stairs to the tall space on the lower floor, the dramatic Omakase Bar space opens up around them.

The ambition was to create an authentic yet stimulating space. The pre-existing raw concrete walls have not been hidden, but celebrated. The space is organized by bars and furniture that have been crafted from CNC-milled plywood, but with intricately-detailed joinery that is a contemporary translation of traditional joinery techniques. Fluid-shaped aluminium furniture allows for smooth passage through the narrow Izakaya space.

Suspended airy textiles and lighting work together to soften up the hard concrete surfaces, as well as creating a unique and vibrant identity. As one walks through the space, the translucent orange planes of textile shift in appearance and melt into an atmospheric cloud of color that gives a stimulating warmth to the cold concrete space.

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