CLIENT: Private
LOCATION: Private residence, Copenhagen, DK
DATE: Fall 2019
MATERIAL: Brushed Stainless Steel, Douglas Fir, Ash
TECHNIQUE: CNC Lasercutting, Metal Bending, CNC Milling
DIMENSIONS: 4000 x 600 x 900mm
PHOTOGRAPHY: Final photographs by Niklas Vindelev
PRODUCERS: Steelwork executed by KT Steel
TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis

As part of Interior02, we developed, fabricated, and installed a custom kitchen for our client.

The ambition was to develop a custom prefabricated system that can be utilized for different spatial situations. We started by reducing as much as possible. Traditional kitchens are made up of boxes placed next to each other. We removed the back, top, and bottom of the box, which left us with only sides and a bottom panel that both act as foundation and base panel. Furthermore, we reduced material thickness by working with steel verticals that the drawer runners mount onto from either side.
The kitchen’s exposed countersunk bolts show off the structural principles and communicate the ambition that the entire kitchen is designed for disassembly and future life. Floorboards continue to run under the kitchen. We installed wooden skirting behind the kitchen as well, in order to future-proof the overall renovation.
The design is resolved down to the smallest detail in Rhino3D and 90 % digitally fabricated: laser-cut and bent stainless steel and CNC routed drawers, tabletops, and wall panels. To avoid welding (manual labor) of the steel drawers, these were realized in 3mm steel that becomes structural once bent.
The client wished for a functional industrial kitchen balanced by a domestic touch. The main “service” part of the kitchen, which holds the appliances, was realized in stainless steel. The other length of the kitchen, which reaches towards the living room, is realized in Douglas Fir and Ashwood, bringing it into relation with the rest of the apartment’s warm interior.
Subtle curves are seen throughout the woodwork, which gives softness to the steel and elegance to the overall mass.

Archival Studies_Metal_System_Inventory_Catalogue 2023

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