LOCATION: Copenhagen, DK
DATE: 2021
MATERIAL: Pine plywood, Linseed oil
TECHNIQUE: CNC Milling, Lamination, Joinery
DIMENSIONS: Chair 360 x 720 x 360mm, High chair 360 x 960 x 360mm
EXHIBITED: Dezeen x The Mindcraft Project 2021
PHOTOGRAPHY: Final photographs by Anders Sune Berg
VIDEOGRAPHY: Video and process stills by Benjamin Lund
TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis

Chair 02 is the next iteration of Chair 01 from our first research into structure; Furniture Studies 01 is a series of plywood furniture that aims to reinvent the joinery, structure, and proportions of traditionally-crafted Chinese and Japanese furniture through contemporary materials and digital fabrication techniques. Made entirely of laminated interior-grade pine plywood, Chair 02 contains the texture and visual identity of the process in which it was produced. Chair 02 is the result of relating the virtual tools to what the digital does not have, namely, the human aspect. The ability to reach this requires a mindful, reflective, and iterative approach that comes from achieving resonance with a particular situation.

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