Hi, welcome to what will be our digital archive.

Recently archived work includes Interior 01, our first interior project. A full renovation of a Copenhagen appartment which includes Painted Curtains 01, Kitchen 01, Curved Panels 01, Reflector 05 CU, Platform 01, and Wardrobe 02, along with a custom flooring solution. 

Current projects include: Interior Studies 01, a research project that is concerned with scaling up our laminated plywood building system to the scale of interior architecture. House 01, a small residential project planned for construction in the summer of 2020. Interior 03, an office space for Refshaleøens Ejendomskontor that is currently in production. Interior 04, an izakaya and noodle bar in Carlsberg Byen. Staircase 01, a custom spiral staircase for a private client. 


Archival Studies is an architectural studio. We are working our way up in scale by dedicating the first years of our work to applied research. Through this work, we aim to give an account of how to expose a timeless way of building.

As our name implies, we begin each process by understanding the already existing.


Open Positions:

Snedker Lærling (paid position)

May 2020 – …


Graphic Design Intern: AD, PR, HP, Communication (unpaid position)

Medio 2020 – Ultimo 2020


Furniture Design Intern: Product development (unpaid position)

Fall 2020 – Ultimo 2020


Architectural Intern: Research, drawings, fabrication (unpaid position)

Fall 2020 – Ultimo 2020


Contact us: mail@archivalstudies.net


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