PROJECT TYPE: Interior Lighting, Lamp
CLIENT: Garde Hvalsoe. Commissioned by Studio David Thulstrup
LOCATION: Garde Hvalsøe’s Copenhagen Showroom
DATE: 2019
MATERIAL: Anodized Aluminum, Opal Difusser, LED Print
TECHNIQUES: CNC Milling, SPIF, Lathe Turning, Anodization
DIMENSIONS: ø600, height 1200mm
EXTERNAL PRODUCTION: Anodization by Værløse Galvaniske
PHOTOGRAPHY: Final photographs by Niklas Vindelev
TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis

The Reflector distributes light with its intricate CNC-formed anodized aluminum surface. Its construction is simply held in tension by 4 horizontal dowels, dismissing the need for bolts or adhesive. The ø600mm reflector shell emerged from ongoing research into Single Point Incremental Forming (SPIF), which combines the intelligence from traditional metal forming with the precision of CNC machining. The light source consists of an LED print plate that is softened and dispersed by a custom-milled diffuser. The light is then directed onto a solid lathe-turned ø40mm cylinder which reflects and holds the light while serving the function of a weight that stabilizes the lightweight lamp. Reflector lamps are tailored to the context and, as a result, are priced on request.

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