Module 03_Cooking

kr.28,750 incl. VAT

The Archival Studies Standard Kitchen Module 03 with an integrated stove and oven.
All modules can be combined freely to create a custom kitchen layout from our flexible system.
Module prices include a 5mm brushed stainless steel countertop.

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The Archival Studies Standard Kitchen is the result of our research into metal kitchen systems. Manufactured from laser cut aluminium and stainless steel this standardised version of our custom kitchens offers the simplicity and elegance of our metal inventory system for a smaller budget. Following our flexible system of laser cut and bent metal parts, the five standard modules can be combined to create a personalised kitchen for your spaces. All kitchen items can not be ordered online. This page is to give an understanding of the system and pricing of our kitchen modules. Please reach out to in order to receive a quote and order your Archival Studies Standard Kitchen.

Material _ Dimensions

600 x 605 x 910 mm
Raw aluminium walls and invisible elements
All other parts brushed stainless steel
Countertop in 5mm brushed stainless steel

Appliances _ Partners

Miele induction cooktop (not included in the modular price)
Miele oven (not included in the modular price)

Care _ Maintenance

Most parts of the Standard Kitchen are produced from brushed stainless steel. Only the module walls are produced from aluminium, due to the lightness, strength and straightness of the material.
Stainless steel is a durable and corrosion-resistant material, making it a fitting material for kitchens. It is hygienic and easy to clean, as it does not absorb bacteria or odours. Brushed stainless steel may develop minor scratches or variations in color over time, which contribute to a unique patina.
+ Daily Care and Cleaning with a soft cloth and mild cleaning detergents. Avoid using cleaners that contain chlorine.
+ Embracing Patina
Aluminium is a durable and light metal that is easily laser-cut and bent. In its raw state aluminium surfaces are susceptible to stain through scratches, oils, water and other substances. In our Standard Kitchens, we strategically conceal the aluminium components to protect them from moisture, acids, and potential scratching. However, please note that, due to the softness of the material, aluminium parts may come with minor scratching from the production.

Shipping _ Installation

Our Kitchens are shipped directly from our production partner in Høje Gladsaxe. Shipping cost will vary depending on the size of the kitchen, the shipping location and the amount of parts. Archival Studies Kitchens are installed by ourselves or one of our trained partners in order to guarantee a result of the highest quality. Shipping and Installation will be invoiced afterwards. Installation is calculated by hours and costs 550kr. ex. vat per person. For shipping outside Denmark, please get in touch via

Expected Delivery Time

All our products are made-to-order to manufacture responsibly and cost efficiently. We produce our kitchens based on demand and organize production in bi-annual batches. After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email with the estimated production and shipping dates.
Confirm your kitchen layout by April 1st to receive your Standard Kitchen in July. (Spring production run)
Confirm your kitchen layout by October 1st to receive your Standard Kitchen in January. (Fall production run)
We offer custom kitchens year-round with no seasonal limitations. If our Standard Kitchen modules do not fit your needs, contact us a for a custom kitchen inquiry.

The Archival Studies Standard Kitchen

A minimal system
The Standard Kitchen system is designed for a minimal use of parts and materials for a simple construction and formal language. Crafted from stainless steel and aluminum, each piece is laser-cut, bent, and bolted, with an eye towards longevity. Designed for disassembly, the system allows for repairs or replacements over time.

Five modules, countless layouts
The Standard Kitchen is the result of our research into metal furniture systems at Archival Studies. It features five standardised modules that can be combined to any kitchen arrangement – wether it be the small office tea kitchenette or catering to the needs of a full family home.

Get a quote
Module pricing includes a 5mm stainless steel countertop for a smooth and durable working surface. This page is to give an understanding of the system and its pricing per module. For a personalized quote tailored to your Standard Kitchen project, please connect with us at


About our kitchen production

Design for Disassembly
Through design we explore furniture systems that that embrace disassembly, replacement, and repair. Envisioning a future where sustainability and longevity intertwine, we hope that our creations will accompany you for a life-time.

Local Production
Archival Products are produced locally in Copenhagen. Design, prototyping and most
of our production is done in our studio in Valby. For our metal products we have partnered with local producer Gladsaxe Klip og Buk for their expertise in CNC laser-cutting and metal sheet bending.

Seasonal Manufacturing
Our Standard Kitchens are crafted on a made-to-order basis to manufacture responsibly and cost efficiently. We produce based on demand and organize production in bi-annual batches. When you receive your personalized quote, it will also include estimated timelines for production, delivery, and installation.