PROJECT TYPE: Vacation House, Building Application
CLIENT: Private
LOCATION: Kollevej, Oddsherred
DATE: Autumn 2021
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Svea Bäckström, Isabella Priddle

A proposal for a house coexisting with the nature surrounding it. A house sits a screw foundation, elevating the house, bringing not just natural air circulation but also leaving the earth untouched. Glu-laminated timber frames construiction,.  The insulation, natural wood fiber , keeping the house cool during the day and warm in the evening with positibe footprint. Thegreen roof of natural vegetation found in the area, giving something back to the fauna. The cladding. A rough sawn timber cladding, untreated and left to grey: Allowing the building to blend into it’s surroundings.


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