A sustainable house made with Nordic wood and natural air circulation. A home that lives and breathes.

A vision of a sustainably constructed house coexisting with the nature surrounding it. With came five main sustainable moves that shaped this project. The foundation. A screw foundation, elevating the house, bringing not just natural air circulation but also leaving the earth untouched. The construction. Glu-laminated timber frames, a strong sustainable material with endless possibilities. The insulation. Natural wood fiber insulation, keeping the house cool during the day and warm in the evening with minimal C02 footprint. The roof. A green roof of natural vegetation found in the area, giving something back to the fauna. The cladding. A rough sawn timber cladding, untreated and left to grey. Allowing the building to blend into it’s surroundings.

PROJECT TYPE: Vacation House, Building Application
CLIENT: Private
LOCATION: Kollevej, Oddsherred
DATE: Autumn 2021
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Svea Bäckström, Isabella Priddle


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