PROJECT TYPE: Office Interior Design
CLIENT: Trifolium
LOCATION: Copenhagen, Denmark
DATE: January 2022 –

IN COLLABORATION WITH: Alex Poulsen Architekter
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Jie Meng, Hui-Yi Yang
PRODUCTION TEAM: Ida Clausen, Mikkel Wickmann, Johanne Holmboe, Fay Sneen

Trifolium as a Town, the breakout space as the Town Square.

The Square is an ongoing office interior project for Copenhagen Sydhavn-based office space Trifolium.

We have been working on transforming one hall of the former milk factory and creating a new breakout space for people working at Trifolium.

Comprised of a flexible lounge area, a transformable platform, an Archival Studies tea kitchen, a long table overlooking the next hall and a kiosk constructed from our plywood system, this space is designed to be a place for rest, inspiration and exchange.

More about this project soon.

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