PROJECT TYPE: Research, Installation
CLIENT: Made In Space Festival
LOCATION: Copenhagen, DK
DATE: Summer 2017
MATERIAL: Pine framing lumber, Borrowed wood chips, Valchromat, Agricultural netting
TECHNIQUE: CNC milling, Joinery, Construction
DIMENSIONS: 15 x 2 x 3m
EXHIBITED: Made in Space Festival, SPACE10

Designed and produced in collaboration with SANO Arkitekter.

The installation was produced for an urban festival. The interior housed a temporary cinema showing a film with high abstraction and sensory attention. Parts of the film were filmed inside the pavilion upon its completion, to create a heightened sense of direct involvement in the film. Notions of smell, temperature, and the climate became the main concerns in terms of tuning the atmosphere. As the pavilion was part of a festival ground, sun, loud music, and chatter amongst the participants would fill the area outside and grow exponentially towards the evening. It was the ambition that the installation would be a retreat from the intensity of the festival. To achieve this, we used wood chips as an insulator for blocking sound and for creating a cooling microclimate inside the tunnel.

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