Daylight Study _ CAA


PROJECT TYPE: Research, Installation
LOCATION: Cranbrook Academy of Art, MI, USA
DATE: Spring 2016
MATERIALS: 3lb-density expanded polystyrene, Structural insulated panels, pine framing lumber, exterior-grade pine plywood, EPDM roof membrane, acrylic sheet, various pigments, SOSS hinges
TECHNIQUE: CNC milling, Joinery, Construction, HVLP Spraypainting
DIMENSIONS: 10′ x 10′ x 16′
EXHIBITIONS: Broken White, Van Abbe Museum, Netherlands, 2016, Cranbrook Art Museum Degree Exhibition 2016
PHOTOGRAPHY: Final photographs by P. D. Rearick

Benediktas Burdulis, M.Arch Thesis Project at Cranbrook Academy of Art

Daylight Study attempts to elevate the beautiful effect of sunlight entering interior space to a transcendent state, with the goal of creating an environment that is stimulating yet serene. This space distills daylight through a deep, thin opening, and emphasizes the natural sequence of colors that the light goes through over the course of a day. The light is given a stronger physical presence as it is caught on the milled reliefs that have been created using custom-drawn CNC tool paths. The resulting shadows give these patterns a vibrating optical effect that makes viewers more aware of their own act of seeing. The space aims to slow people down, and to bring them closer to nature and their own experience of perception.