PROJECT TYPE: Interior, furniture, object
DATE: Summer 2019
MATERIAL: Pine plywood, Stainless steel, Tall oil paint
DIMENSIONS: 630 x 160 x 2630mm (one panel)
PHOTOGRAPHY: Final photographs by Niklas Vindelev

As part of our Interior 02 project, we developed a curved wall panel system that provides visual depth to the kitchen space while facilitating an adjustable shelving system.

We took advantage of the CNC mill’s ability to cut long, subtly-curved slots in the Douglas Fir frame. These curved slots bend the painted plywood surfaces into a concave curve, creating spaces that hold light and shadow. These curved surfaces give an expansive spatial quality to the wall that would otherwise be flat, and soften the kitchen as a whole.

When the shelves are mounted to the wall panels, the shadows that the shelves cast onto the curved panels become curved, contrasting with the straight lines of the frame and creating an unexpected visual depth.
In daylight, these shadows are soft and diffused. When lit by the spotlights that are centered at the top of each panel, the shadows are sharp and deep.

We chose Douglas Fir as the material for the frame, to act as an extension of the Douglas Fir floorboards. The thin curved plywood panels have been painted with natural white paint produced from tall oil, to match with the walls of the apartment that have received the same treatment.

The shelves are built from thin, straight-grained Douglas Fir and stainless steel, two materials found throughout this residential project. The laser-cut stainless steel verticals have precise hook joints that allow for the shelves to securely connect to the Douglas Fir frame at various heights.