PROJECT TYPE: Restaurant Interior
CLIENT: Gasoline Grill, Tivoli
LOCATION: Tivoli Gardens
DATE: Medio 2021
PROJECT TEAM: Partners, Benediktas Burdulis, Filip Eckerdal, Martin Friis, Clara Friis
PRODUCTION TEAM: Ida Clausen, Ditte Hessellund

For the Gasoline Grill interior in Tivoli that we recently designed and produced, our goal was not only to establish an efficient, comfortable, and high-quality contemporary diner, but to create a spatial experience from the Gasoline Grill identity, and to make the most of the inherent qualities of the space that we were given to work with.

We began by examining Gasoline Grill and developing our own understanding of the core values of the brand.

Next, when thinking about burger culture, we were reminded of the drive-in diners of the Western USA, which had a close connection to the automotive industry. As the automotive industry and infrastructure grew in the USA, so did burger culture. The use of metals, curves, and bright lighting in some of the existing Gasoline Grill locations made us think of the streamlined, industrial, and pragmatic aesthetic of those Western USA diners.

Another parallel theme that came to mind through association was the California light and space art movement, which took place at the same time, and whose artists were also influenced by the rising industry in the USA, especially the automotive industry. The goal for many of these artists was not to create objects, but to create experiences using light, spatial qualities, and color to affect human perception, and to allow people to see the world in new ways.

We looked to references from these movements as sources of inspiration in this project.